Monopoly MegaWays Slot Review

Monopoly MegaWays is based on the ultimate argument inducing board game. Created by Big Time Gaming, it’s played using a 6 reel, reaction wins game engine where the number of MegaWays can reach 117,649. Work your way around the Monopoly board to bring extras into play when you trigger the Free Spins feature. Take a turn from between 10p and £20 per spin on all devices.

MegaWays Game Engine

The MegaWays game mechanic here sees the number of symbols on each reel change with each spin. The number of ways to create a winner changes too. Depending on the number of symbols on each reel, you’ll have between 64 and 117,649 MegaWays active. A winning combination it causes the Reaction feature - those symbols are removed and new ones drop in from above to replace them. The process is repeated as long as a new winner hits.

Work your way around the Monopoly board

Land a winner and Mr Monopoly will work his way along the Monopoly board. Known as the Reel Adventure game engine, landing on some spaces can deliver a special extra:

  • Go - land on this and the next spin takes place on the fully expanded 117,649 ways to win reels.
  • Railway Station - the first time you land on a station, you own it. This adds 1 extra free spin to your total when you trigger the Free Spins feature.
  • Utility - land on a Utility square and you’ll own it. This adds to a multiplier in the Free Spins feature.
  • Community Chest - this sends you to a random property. It can also award between 1 and 4 houses to that property which can come in very handy later.
  • Chance - this awards a spin on a fully expanded set of reels, sends you to a random property or triggers the Free Spins feature.
  • Property - land on a property with a second ‘reaction’ win and it adds a house.

Free Spins with increasing multipliers

The Free Spins feature is triggered via a Chance card or when you have added 5 houses to a property. You’ll receive 8 free spins plus 1 extra for each railway station or house. The win multiplier starts at 1x unless you own a Utility in which case it increases by 1.

Land on a property that includes a house during the feature and it increases the multiplier by 1x. At the end of the free spins, the Railway Stations and Utilities revert to their original ownership (so you’ll have to collect them again). Any unvisited houses on properties remain in place though.

Free Spin extras

Landing on Railway Stations during the feature adds extra free spins to your total. Likewise, landing on Utilities can increase the multiplier if you own them. Multipliers also increase when Mr Monopoly visits properties with houses. The Community Chest takes you to a random property while Chance awards 5 more free spins, a max MegaWays spin or takes you to a property.

Very playable

We’ve been a bit underwhelmed by some Monopoly-themed slot games. Monopoly MegaWays seems to have done the best job of bringing elements of the original board game combined with some modern features. The gameplay offers some decent variety thanks to those feature modifiers.

High variance, you can win up to 14,700 times your stake on every free spin. If you’re fancy playing a Monopoly slot game, then Monopoly MegaWays should be at the top of your list.